We have many flowering perennials that can be planted now, as the soil is still warm form the summer and there's plenty of light and time for them to get their roots established before winter sets in. Such as penstemon's , phlox, rudbeckia's, which will all continue to flower for you until the first frosts.

It's also a good idea to plant early spring flowering perennials now such as hellebores, bergenia to ensure a good display for the following spring.

Generally perennials can be planted during spring or autumn, although container grown plants can go in at anytime provided the ground is not frozen or waterlogged. Make sure that the root ball is thoroughly soaked before planting, if they seem dry soak them in bucket for a few minutes before planting. Dig the planting hole twice the size of the pot to allow roots to spread comfortably and at a depth to level the crown with ground. Firm in the plants with plenty of organic matter and water well.

Phlox Bright Eyes contrasting beautifully with Penstemon Blackberry Ice.

Here we have We have fifteen different types of Penstemon in stock, ranging from white, pinks, mauves and purples, and various reds. And five different Phlox for you to choose from ranging from white, various pinks and a deep magenta.
As always we're here to help you in selecting the right plants for your conditions, for further information please check our website

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