Jam Perennial Plants has been open for two months now and it's pretty much rained ever since, our Portes Ouvertes. This has meant that everything has been very slow to get going for this season. Hopefully we've turned the corner into summer sunshine now and mother-nature plays a good game of catch up in coming few weeks. And on the plus side we can reasonably confident in the well water seeing us through the summer this year.

We open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from noon through until 7.00pm. We're also more than happy to open any other day if the week if you let me know you're coming beforehand. Just make a quick call on 0647 25 77 97. See Our Perennial Plant Site . Directions to the Nursery

JAM has started leaving the nursery to go to markets and Brocantes. We'll post which ones we'll be at on our Facebook page and hope to see you there.


Our Lupins have been selling especially well and they thrown quite a bit of debate about how suited they are to the local limey soil. Many people are of the opinion that they prefer a neutral of slightly acidic soil to thrive. When we plant them we dig an extra big hole and put in plenty of well rotted organic matter; which it’s self is slightly acidic and they do very nicely. A gardening neighbour has several Lupins which are in third year and sending up about ten flowering spikes each and they are performing this well with winter mulch of horse manure, that’s not too much to ask is it?



At JAM we enjoyed receiving our first commercial order from Holland a few weeks ago. And were impressed that they the lorry was Dutch, with a Dutch driver and all the bare roots were chilled throughout their journey so arrived in optimum condition. This of course means that we have some great new lines available in the nursery. Here are a few of them,

Dictamnus Albus (Fraxinella)
Has a pretty leave and veined five petal pink flowers. An ideal candidate for a shade, part-shade edge of woodland plant. Has a nice lemony scent in the summer. Also known as the ‘the Burning Bush’.
Dictamnus – Albus (Fraxinella).jpg
Lupinus Chameleon
Chameleon changes colour up the flowering spike and we have mauve to bluish-white here in the nursery just budding now.
Lupinus – Chameleon.jpg

Lupinus Manhattan Lights
Manhattan Lights is a tall strong Lupin with deep mauve flowering spikes that have yellow eyes, thus resembling a Manhattan skyscraper. Already flowering well, with one or two flowering spikes per plant for this years. They should send up four to six flowering spikes for next season. They proved to be very popular at a Brocante last weekend.
Lupinus Manhattan Lights.jpg

Anemone Pretty Lady Susan & Pretty Lady Julia
We’ve stocked two of four new Anemones Ladies Julia and Susan. Shorter about 24”/60cm and are more prolific that their big robust brothers, these little ladies are equally as tough. Pretty flowers are held high above the Maple like foliage from mid summer right through until late autumn. Great for containers and front of borders. Happy in most soils in part shade.  We may well add Pretty Ladies Diana and Emily to complete the collection.
Anemone – Pretty Lady Susan.jpg

Aruncus Dioicus (sylvestris)
This is great plant with attractive leaves, has fairly vigorous growth topped off with Astible-style fountainous flowers in summer. Mature plants can top out at around the two metre mark so a good candidate to add some height at the back of border, plant in full sun/part shade in rich poorly drained soil.  Aruncus Dioicus has been awarded the AGM (Award of Garden Merit) by the RHS.
Aruncus - Dioicus (sylvestris).jpg

Dicentra Ivory Hearts
This is great variety for foliage lovers forming a vigorous clump of powdery blue-green leaves, topped by clusters of delicate, dangling heart shaped white flowers. Excellent for edging, and very useful for mixed containers and tubs. Removing faded flowers will promote lots of new buds to form. Quite short at 25-30cm when compared to other forms of Dicentra.
Dicentra – Ivory Hearts.jpg

Agapanthus Blue Velvet
A show-stopper! Neat mounds of green strap-like leaves  under strong large umbels of deep intense blue flowers. Blue Velvet is a really strong blue, not mauve or a pale blue. Flowering from July to September. They will need to kept in large pots placed in full or part sun from spring and offered protection form on-going soggy winter conditions.
agapanthus blue velvet.jpg

Achillea Apricot Delight & Strawberry Seduction
These are new forms from Holland of the classic garden perennial, Yarrow from the Tutti Fruiti range. They are compact bushy plants with a long flowering season. They are very easy and rewarding to grow and are happy in any soil type. Dead head to prolong the flowering season into early autumn.  Apricot Delight is all shades between apricot and deep pink. While Strawberry Seduction is a deeper red with yellow centres. Both are delightful for borders or containers.
Achillea – Apricot Delight.jpg


Bergenia Jeff Hodson
Bergenia or Elephants Ears is a genus of ten species of flowering plants in the family Saxifragaceae, native to central Asia, from Afghanistan to China and the Himalayan region. Bergenia are usually grown for the clump forming broad evergreen handsome leaves  that offer autumn hues later in the year. This one has a variegated leave with the variegation being random streaks to the leaves. Jeff Hodson has icing-sugar pink flowers in spring and early summer. Not good in pots but great as front of border plant.
Bergenia – Jeff Hodson.jpg

We have few hardy annuals for sale too!
Cosmos Picotee an all shades of pink streaked version of this garden favorite. It’s great for temporarily filling up empty spaces in borders and an cheap way to fill patio pots with summer colour.

Ricinus Commonus The Castor Oil Plant. A striking and tropical looking tall annual grown for its maple shaped leaves of purple-bronze.   Coral pink seed heads and creamy white flowers stand above the foliage.

Datora’s, common white, a single pink and Metel Ballerina a double purple-white flower with n intricate petal arrangement. 


1 Euro each or 7 for 5 Euros.

Who doesn’t love the taste of home-grown tomatoes in the summer? I know we all do here. They also make a great base for chutney’s. Eat them oven roasted with some olive oil and  thyme, yum num! Use up any gluts of tomatoes by making Italian tomato sauces for pasta and or pizza to keep you going through the non-tomato months.

We have young plants for sale in the nursery. There are several varieties available...

Tigerella an early and heavy cropping, tasty and red and orange streaked tomato.

Black Cherry An exotic looking cherry tomato, with a sweet, complex, rich flavour.  They vary in colour from a dark brown, to blackish reds and purple skins with deep red and brownish flesh. Some say it tastes a little smoky in flavour. A heavy cropper.
black cherry tomato.jpg

Golden Sunrise An attractive RHS AGM variety producing medium sized, well shaped, golden yellow tomatoes that add a lovely splash of colour to summer salads. Crops of Tomato ‘Golden Sunrise’ are early maturing and prolific with a sweet, fruity flavour that is quite distinctive. This cordon variety is suitable for growing in the greenhouse or outdoors. 

Black Russian  This is an heirloom variety. Cordon (Intermediate). This medium sized black tomatoes grow on compact bushes bearing plenty of mahogany-brown fruits, with a delicious blend of sugar and acid, making a distinctive, complex flavour that has to be tasted to be believed.

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